Cycle Culture

Cycling Studio + Coffee House + Plant Shop

  • The Studio

    Founded by husband-and-wife duo, Paul & Mili Saini, Cycle Culture is focused on bringing cycling back to basics.  As passionate indoor and outdoor cyclists, their goal was to create an honest workout space for their members.  Indoor cycling is hard work so they designed the studio to set you up for success each and every time.  With the right environment your ride can, and should, be an experience.  Paired with our superstar instructor team, you will always be prepared to give your best.

    Whatever’s happening in your life or in the world, Cycle Culture is your sanctuary.  Within these walls, it’s all about hard work, a fun environment and real results.  You’ll find no judgements here.  However you feel when you walk in the room, we’re sure you’ll feel better when you walk out!

  • The Coffeehouse

    Our coffeehouse was designed to be a beautiful and inviting space with a Scandi aesthetic for our community to enjoy.  Whether you are joining us for cycling, coffee or both we are sure you’ll feel at home.

    We LOVE coffee and have partnered with Kiss the Hippo to create and offer our very own Cycle Culture Custom Blend!

    Our menu of protein shakes, smoothies, açai bowls, granola pots and more were created by our founders.  Originally from NYC, they were inspired to bring some of their favourite flavours from Manhattan to you!

  • The Plant Shop

    Our ultimate goal for Cycle Culture is to improve your well-being…not just in fitness, but in all aspects of your life.  That’s why we are now building a lifestyle brand to help improve your wellness at home, starting with our plant shop.

    Indoor plants don’t just look good, they can make us feel good, too.  Whether you live in a small flat or a large house, by introducing plants into your home, you will see improvements to your health and overall happiness.

    Our plant shop will focus on less common mid- to high-range plants with some unique rare specimens.  Each plant will be paired with hand-selected pots from Scandi brands so all you’ll need to do is bring them home to enjoy.  Expect to see new plants regularly and let us know if you’re looking for something specific…well do our best to get it for you!


First Class
Expiry: 30 Days from Purchase



1 Class Pack
Expiry: 30 Days from Purchase



4 Class Pack
Expiry: 30 Days from Purchase



8 Class Pack
Expiry: 10 Weeks from Purchase



16 Class Pack
Expiry: 20 Weeks from Purchase



Unlimited – 30 Days
Expiry: 30 Days from Purchase



Membership – 4 Classes/Month
£75.00 / month
Monthly Direct Debit: 1 Year Minimum. Classes Expire Every 30 days from Purchase.



Membership – 8 Classes/Month
£110.00 / month
Monthly Direct Debit: 1 Year Minimum. Classes Expire Every 30 days from Purchase.



Membership – Unlimited Cycling
£120.00 / month
Monthly Auto-Renew: 1 Year Minimum