COVID19 – Our new normal

Our new normal.

We’re in this together.  All the safety protocols and procedures in the world mean nothing without your cooperation so we thank you in advance for working with us as we settle into our new normal together.

While our goal is to deliver a best in class cycling and cafe experience, our top priority will be the safety of our members, customers and staff.  To make sure our studio and cafe can open (and stay open!) in the safest possible way, we will continually review and update our health and safety standards to be in line with the latest guidance provided by health authorities.  All updates and changes to our policies and procedures will posted on this page.

The safety protocols below outline just some of the things you can expect as you join us.  Things may look and feel different but our values haven’t changed and we’ll work tirelessly to provide you the same experience you’ve come to expect from us!

Our team.

Our staff  has received extensive training to ensure our hygiene standards are maintained at all times.  They undergo mandatory non-contact temperature checks on a daily basis and wear appropriate PPE while working.  Also, they will be directed to self-isolate if they or someone they have been in contact with exhibit symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.

Our members.

All members will undergo mandatory non-contact temperature checks prior to joining each and every class.  They will be required to sanitise their hands upon entering our space.  During check in, they will be required to provide confirmation that they or anyone they have been in contact with do not currently have the known symptoms of COVID-19.

To avoid unnecessary queues, members should arrive no more than 30 minutes & no fewer than 5 minutes before class start time.  Dry changing rooms and lockers will be available as needed but we strongly encourage our members to arrive dressed and ready to ride and to refrain from bringing extra bags/belongings where possible.  Single use towels will be provided for class and members are welcome to bring their own towel if they wish.

It will be compulsory for members to wear a face mask before and after class.  According to the latest guidance from the World Health Organisation and UK government, it is advised to NOT wear a mask during exercise unless on specific advice from a physician.  We are aligning ourselves to this guidance for our members and cycling instructors.  It will, however, be the member’s choice to wear a mask during exercise if they wish and if they choose to do so they accept the risks associated with their decision.

Our classes.

Our booking process hasn’t changed and you will still be able to choose your bike for class.  However, we will be operating with reduced capacity for social distancing reasons.  We will also operate with a no-contact policy so you’ll have to air high five your friends and instructor for now!  We ask that you only touch and interact with your booked bike as the studio will be thoroughly cleaned prior to each use.

Our class schedule has been updated to allow enough time to properly clean the studio, bikes and lockers after each use with special attention paid to all touchable surfaces.

More information.

We’ve installed signage and floor markings both inside and outside of our space to help manage queues and maintain social distancing.  We ask that you abide by our queueing system and please follow our staff’s instructions at all times.

Hand santisier stations have been installed throughout the space…please use them!

Finally, our powerful Samsung air system will be run at full ventilation capacity allowing for full air turnover every 4 minutes in the studio; to put that into context our system is more efficient than a standard UK hospital ward and just under what is required to provide surgery!  This is effectively more than double the efficiency of what UK government guidance requires and will be a key element to help keep your studio as safe as possible during a class.