Living with COVID.

As of 24 February 2022, the “living with COVID”plan has taken effect in England.  As outlined by the UK gov’t, all remaining restrictions have been removed.  The largest changes include: i) individuals with COVID will no longer be required to isolate, ii) routine contact tracing has ended and iii) face coverings are no longer mandatory.

At Cycle Culture, we have always aligned ourselves with gov’t guidance and rules and will continue to do so moving forward.

That said, the safety of our members, customers and team remain our top priority.  Although restrictions have been removed, common sense should always prevail.  As an example, it would be a sensible decision to stay at home and rest if you did have COVID…just as you would with any illness.

Our team.

Our team will ensure our hygiene standards are maintained at all times.  If you’ve been to our space, you know how serious we are about our cleanliness!

Our members and customers.

We request all members and customers sanitise their hands upon entering our space.  It’s not legally required but it’s an easy and sensible way to help reduce viral transmission.   In line with gov’t guidance, masks are no longer required in our space.

As isolation is no longer legally required, we will no longer be pausing cycling passes for those testing positive with COVID.  The virus is now a part of our lives and society and we are aligning ourselves to this new normal.  We are also not able to pause cycling passes for any self-isolation requirements due to travel to/from other countries.

Our classes and studio.

When you join us, we ask that you only touch and interact with your booked bike as the studio will be thoroughly cleaned prior to each use.

Our class schedule will continually be updated and we will always allow enough time to properly clean the studio, bikes and lockers after each use with special attention paid to all touchable surfaces.

Our powerful Samsung air system will continue to run at full ventilation capacity allowing for full air turnover every 4 minutes in the studio.  To put that into context our system is more efficient than a standard UK hospital ward and just under what is required to provide surgery!  This is effectively more than double the efficiency of what UK government guidance required and will be a key element to help keep your studio as safe as possible during a class.

We look forward to continuing to build Cycle Culture’s community of committed and convivial riders.  We’ll see you in the saddle!