I’ve Never Cycled Before.  Will I Be Able to Keep Up?

Our classes are suitable for ALL fitness abilities and experience levels.  If you can ride a bike, you can ride with us.  Period.

How Do I Join Cycle Culture?

Simplicity reigns at Cycle Culture.  Register through our website and you’re officially a member able to buy class packs and book classes.  No initiation fees, no obligations.

How Do I Buy Classes?

We sell our classes exclusively through our website on our Buy page.  Our pricing encourages riders to go big.  The more you buy, the more you save and the greater your results!

Really ready to commit!?  Our Unlimited Class Packs are for you.  If you ride 3x per week or more, this is your best deal.  With an unlimited class pack, our most dedicated riders pay as little as £8 per class.  The truly obsessed pay even less.

Accountability brings results.  As such, there’s a reasonable expiry attached to every package which starts at the time of purchase.

How Do I Book a Class?

All classes are booked exclusively on our website.  Our intuitive booking system makes it easy to join a class, allowing you to choose the specific date, time and bike…yes you choose your actual bike!

The booking window for a class opens online 72 hours prior to class start time and closes 5 minutes before class start time.  Life is full of surprises, so we kept a reasonable time window to ensure you only book a class if you can truly make it.

If your favourite class is fully booked, you will have the option to join an online waitlist.  By adding yourself to a class waitlist, you’ll be placed in queue to be auto-booked to a bike should one become available.  If you get a bike, we’ll send a booking confirmation email; our standard cancellation policy applies.

When Should I Arrive For Class?

In line with our new safety policies, Members must not arrive more than 15 minutes and no fewer than 5 minutes before your class begins.  Arriving during this 10 minute time window will avoid unnecessary queuing while allowing enough time for check in and to make sure you are properly fitted and comfortable on your bike.

Once the studio doors close at the start of class, they stay closed until class is over.  Late entry is not permitted and this will be strictly enforced.  All riders are expected to act in accordance with our Class Rules  and our COVID-19 policies and procedures.  We appreciate your understanding as we move forward with our new normal.

Can I Cancel My Booking?

Yes, you can cancel your booking up to 3 hours before class start time without penalty.  After this point you are deducted a class. You can cancel classes in the Booking section under My Account.  Multiple no-shows may lead to a revocation of booking privileges.  But we won’t feel good about it, so please do your best to keep your commitment to us and yourself.

Can I Change To Another Bike?

You can change to another available bike under the Booking section in My Account.

What Should I Wear To Class?

Wear something streamlined that is comfortable to move in but nothing that is too loose or flowy on bottom.  Extra points for cycling specific clothing such as padded shorts.  With our new safety procedures, we recommend riders come dressed to ride and avoid bringing extra bags/belongings where possible.  We also recommend wearing a face mask before and after exercise.

While our bikes accept any type of trainers, we strongly recommend cycling shoes. We don’t provide cycling shoes because….gross.  Do you really want to put your foot into a shoe filled with someone else’s sweat?  No.  No, you don’t.  Trust us on this one.

All cycling shoes need cleats and our bikes accept shoes that use SPD or Look Delta cleats but not SPD-SL cleats.  We prefer and recommend mountain cycling shoes over road cycling shoes because they have treads that allow you to walk…cool!  Need help fitting your cleats?  Bring them in and we’ll get you sorted.

What Do I Bring To Class?

Just you, your workout togs and a water bottle.  If you forget your water bottle, not to worry.  We have reusable water canteens on offer in the cafe along with filtered water so you can fill up your bottle whilst reducing the amount of single-plastic in the world.  Speaking of water, please hydrate BEFORE you get here.  You’re in for some serious sweating and if you don’t start ahead of time, it can be hard to catch up once class starts.

Don’t worry about towels.  We’ll have a single use disposable towel ready and waiting for you on your bike.  If you’d still like to bring your own towel, you’re welcome to do so.

What Can I Expect In Your Cycling Studio?

Pardon us whilst we brag a bit….we are very proud to share that absolutely no corners were cut in bringing Tooting a best-in-class cycling environment.

We chose the Schwinn AC Power bikes because they are undeniably the finest bikes in the market.  They have a ton of features but our favourites are the carbon belt drive that gives an authentic cycle experience and 4iiii power crank which gives extremely accurate wattage feedback.  These bikes will feel natural to you and provide you with rigorous data so you can track your fitness progression.

We take air control seriously because it can make or break your ride experience.  Our entire space was designed around our beast of an air conditioning system which is powered by the latest technology from Samsung…no hot or cold spots in our room.  Every rider on every bike will be comfortable.  As of late, air ventilation has become an increasingly important issue and our system replaces all the air in the studio every 4 minutes…to put that into context our system is more efficient than a standard UK hospital ward and just under what is required to perform surgery.

Powerful beats to power your ride come at you from our TurboSound array speakers that live up to the word TURBO!  Our room is acoustically treated to make the most of our instructors’ excellent music selection.  The sound is intense without being overbearing.

What Cycling Program Do You Teach?

Cycle Culture is a Schwinn studio.  Schwinn is the industry’s most respected indoor cycling training program.  No-nonsense, results-based and data-driven, we are all certified Schwinn instructors and possess First Aid (AED/CPR) certifications.

How Do You Track Progress?

We have partnered with Momentum to offer our members an easy way to track their fitness journeys.  Download the Momentum Group Fitness app (formerly known as the Motosumo app), setup a free account and you’re good to go.  When you arrive in class, pop your phone into your bike’s snazzy phone holder, pair your app with the bike and ride!  All your metrics will be shown in real time and downloaded from the bike’s console for you to take away and show off to your friends.

Does the Studio Have Any Other Facilities?

We have lockers with self setting combination locks as well as dry changing rooms.  A restroom is available in our coffeehouse.  Hand sanitising stations are available throughout the facility.

We do NOT have showers…yet.  We tried.  We really did!  We just don’t have the room for a proper set of showers so we chose to use our space to give you the very best cycling experience and save the showers for our expansion.  Stay tuned for news on that!

Do You Have Any Bike Parking?

Planning to ride to your ride?  No problem.  There are 8 outdoor public bike racks within 30 metres of Cycle Culture.  Riding home from your ride?  Well, that might be another story…

Do You Offer Private Rides For Special Occasions?

Birthdays, stag/hen dos, team building events, reunions….we’ve got you covered with a bespoke ride just for you and yours.  We’ve even been known to curate themed playlists for the occasion.  Fancy dress optional but obviously encouraged.

Make your celebration memorable with the assistance of our creative staff.  Reach out to us and we’ll design an exceptional event together!

Do You Offer Vouchers For Cycling Classes?

We do!  If you would like to buy a voucher to gift to a friend or partner, simply reach out to us and we’ll get you sorted!

What’s it really like at Cycle Culture?

Cycle Culture is fiercely dedicated to bringing cycling back to basics.  Real fitness; real results.  We value community, equality, diversity and inclusivity.  Everyone deserves to look and, more importantly, feel the way they want to.  If you’re ready to work hard and bridge the gap between your goals and your current reality, we’re ready for YOU!