• Amy Darton 

    Favourite Quote: “Courage isn’t just a matter of not being frightened…it’s being afraid and doing what you have to do anyway.”

    Amy moved to London from North East England to study acting. The rigorous 9am to 9pm daily program quickly elevated her work ethic, confidence and determination to succeed.  She joined Cycle Culture as a barista in September 2022 and graduated to cycle instructor in May of 2023. 

    Her acting program instilled a love of fitness that blossomed during the Covid lockdowns.  She began a strict early morning routine to keep her mind and body healthy and happy.  She discovered passions for long distance running, yoga and now cycling.

    Having never before set foot in a cycling studio, Amy was cautious when Paul first invited her for a class but immediately was energised by how powerful and strong one feels after a great class. She gained enthusiasm and competence quickly and became eager to help others feel what she felt on that first ride. 

    Amy’s daily mantra is ‘I believe in my greatness’ and that’s what she hopes to bring to her riders. Amy’s classes are welcoming, energetic and FUN, filled with dance-floor fillers, 2000s pop and her most loved genre… 80s rock!  Every ride will be filled with songs you can sing along to and Amy will lead the way on the mic. Most importantly, Amy wants you to leave feeling strong and powerful and to take that energy into all areas of your life. By challenging yourself, these classes will push you to work harder than you believed you could.  You will sweat and you will feel great!