• Darbi Worley

    Favourite Quote: “If you can you must.”

    Darbi has been a group fitness addict since about the time she learned to walk.  She started kicking and punching in her family’s karate schools as a small child and became an aerobics (that’s what it was called 30 years ago in America) instructor during her university years.  Since then, she has taught everything from cardio funk to HIIT to kickboxing but indoor cycling is her favourite format.  Her classes are equal parts heart-pounding intensity, belly laughs and life-coaching.  

    Regulars know that classes with Darbi are more than a great workout.  In her room, you will discover who you are, you will become more aligned with that person you say you want to be and you will probably make some new friends…all whilst pushing your limits to the sound of some seriously banging beats.  It’s been said that Darbi has super powers, including thought control.  That nay-saying voice in the back of your head doesn’t stand a chance.  Speaking of voices, when you hear Darbi on the mic, you will be unsurprised to learn that she is a successful voice actor. If you’ve spent any time in the States, you’ve definitely heard her on tv, the radio or whilst waiting on hold. 

    London can be a tough place to survive.  Darbi can help you develop the determination, fortitude and confidence to thrive.  Join her.