• Osamuede Oriaikhi

    Favourite Quote: “You are stronger than you know.”

    British born Nigerian, Ede brings a global state of mind to her teaching.  Consultant by day, fitness fiend by night, she has long found indoor cycling to be the antidote to her busy (and stressful!) career.  Never has she needed that balance more than now as she is also studying for her Global Executive MBA.

     This hyper-motivated powerhouse will teach you to believe in the impossible and guide you straight out of your comfort zone.  Her love of fitness and teamwork creates a class atmosphere that is equally supportive and challenging.  Ede’s room throbs with a wide variety of music…everything from pop to rap to afrobeats to EDM.   She strongly believes that a few minutes on the bike can bring not only physical strength but harmony and peace to your life.  You’ll walk out of class smiling and with a sense of accomplishment that will support you through whatever challenges await you outside the studio.  

     Lights down…music up…party on and feel the burn.