• Harold Munyagwa

    Favourite Quote: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

    Harold’s journey to the Cycle Culture podium starts in Uganda where he was born, goes through Sweden where he grew up, continues with a fitness career in London and culminates, serendipitously, in an early morning Uber ride.   The embodiment of the immigrant work ethic, Harold was side hustling as an Uber driver and ended up with our very own Cycle Boss in his car (at 4:50am, nonetheless!).  The talk turned to fitness and Paul learned that Harold is also a cycle guru with almost a decade’s worth of experience. Paul was so impressed with Harold’s knowledge and drive that his Cycle Culture interview happened right there in the car.

    Harold’s first cycling class was born after he rescued some rickety old bikes on their way to the rubbish heap.  He rolled up his sleeves, repaired the bikes himself, recruited a few clients and through sheer force of will, taught himself to lead a small class.  That small class grew to a loyal following at gyms all over the city.

    This gentle giant has a natural ability to motivate others with humour and a dazzling smile.  Described as a philosophical old soul with an underpinning of sweetness and a genuine interest in the betterment of his riders, his “no excuses” positivity might just change your life.