• James Benedict Nigel Savage

    Favourite Quote: “We have to change from doubters to believers.”

    With a theatre background, Jamie had an unconventional route to indoor cycling. A fierce sport fanatic, his early years were firmly spent on the football field and during his teens, he started honing in on what interested him in the exercise world. He started lifting weights at his local gym and then discovered strength and conditioning programs like CrossFit. Lucky for Cycle Culture, this gym rat also has a love for coffee and initially joined the team as our Head Barista.

    It didn’t take long or too many classes with our fantastic in-house instructors for Jamie to realise that he belonged on the big bike. His determination, drive and passion led him to spend the lockdowns of 2020/21 becoming a beast of an instructor.

    From the minute you enter Jamie’s room, you will be engaged and motivated. Jamie’s diverse playlists range from R&B to cheesy pop and (of course) show tunes….something for everyone. Jamie’s primary goal is for his riders to enjoy the workout but don’t let his Essex charm and goofy smile fool you. You. Will. Work.

    So….are you ready?