• Katharina Maria Wienen

    Favourite Quote: “Strength is the product of struggle. You must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.”

    Katharina comes to Cycle Culture as a professional horseback rider and coach who recently switched saddles.  She’s also an accomplished artist and designer.  Her rider’s discipline and her artist’s creativity meld to forge a truly memorable cycling experience.  

    Asked to sum up Katharina in a word, most would say, “DRIVEN,”(yes, in all caps).  When she’s not teaching classes or training private clients, she’s putting herself through her own workouts, in her quest to become the strongest version of her highest self.  Methodical about the science of cycling, Katharina programs rides that serve up maximum gains and minimum monotony.  

    Katharina’s artwork encourages us to look  differently at physical space and the human form; her classes will inspire you to think differently about your own potential.  You’ll be stirred to surpass those limitations you once thought you had.  The results will be evident in your body, mind and confidence and will last long after you exit the studio.