• Kimberley Burrows 

    Favourite Quote: “Many short term pains are followed by long term gains.”

    Kimberley calls herself a Londoner but if you listen carefully, you might hear some Northern roots. Kimberley is a fitness Renaissance woman who not only graces our podium but leads hardcore bootcamps on Wandsworth Common and manages her swim school.  When she’s not motivating others to reach new fitness heights, she is giving herself a beasting on her bike, in her running kicks or on the gym floor.  She puts her training to the test in Triathlons and Duathlons, all whilst being a Supermom to 3 girls. We’re tempted to wonder if she ever sleeps but we’re sure she does because she knows the recovery is just as important as the work.

    Indoor cycling is a big part of her intensive training regime.  You’ll learn from her experience and will probably hear her preaching about short, intensive watts work being the secret ingredient to get you fit for cycling and fit for life.

    No matter how you feel when you walk in her room, when the beat drops on her playlist, the endorphins will start to flow, your body will start to work (probably harder than you thought it could) and your mind will start to open to new possibilities.  You’ll walk out feeling accomplished, inspired and a little stronger than you were before.

    Kimberley’s riders value her authenticity and her genuine connection to each person in the room.  If you’re looking for a true partner on your fitness journey who will galvanise your commitment to be your best self, Kimberley is ready to welcome you to her tribe.