• Rebecca Whitehead

    Favourite Quote: “Easy doesn’t get results.”

    Rebecca’s athleticism was born outdoors.  She grew up on horses and ski slopes and she spent most of her twenties chasing powder around the world as a snowboard instructor.  The time came for her to return home but she knew that a career spent behind a desk was not for her. Enter fitness.  She got certified and got to work, quickly developing a following at some of the most exclusive studios in London.

    Rebecca now has more than a decade in the industry and her riders benefit from that experience. You’ll receive an exhilarating workout with a side of proper technique and a solid dose of tough love. Rebecca will confidently push your mind, body and spirit to new places…you should probably leave your comfort zone at the door.

    Rebecca’s room is a powerful blend of energy, music and motivation.  Her science-driven programming is accompanied by inspirational coaching and thumping EDM that will drive you to and beyond whatever goal you set when you walked in the room.  There are no frills and no shortcuts with this leader…just real work and real fun.  Give Rebecca 45 minutes and she’ll give you her all.