• Heidi Quine

    Favourite Quote: “Keep living your life to your next adventure, goal and dream.”

    Heidi’s infatuation with sweat started with a pair of running shoes. Previously known as Under Armour’s Run Ambassador for London, continuing her profession now as a Running Coach and Cycling Instructor. She’s got multiple marathons under her belt and discovered her knack for long-distance cycling in 2017 whilst training for her first Triathlon. This woman is never not cycling, running or swimming.  She often greets the sunrise in Richmond Park, training for her next racing or cycling vacation.  You read that right….Heidi considers a marathon in Athens or an 1100m climb up Sa Colabra in Mallorca to be a vacation.  You can only imagine what it’s like to train under her.

    Heidi started as a run coach and discovered the exhilaration of helping others crash through barriers, crush goals and step into their dreams.  Becoming an indoor cycling coach was destiny.  A self-described “watts geek,” her classes focus on increasing cycling power and strength, perfect for anyone aiming to amp up their performance on the bike or in their life.

    When you enter her room, you will be greeted by a smile that rivals the lights of London. But don’t be fooled by her sweet disposition.  Serious sweat and adrenaline are about to be served, along with heart-pounding tracks and a focus on the watts.  No cheating with this taskmaster but trust….she’s done everything she asks you for and more.  Known side effects of Heidi’s classes are a stupendous sense of achievement, a permagrin on your face and even a bit of a swagger as you exit the room (assuming your legs are not shaking too much). Are you up for the challenge?